Military Clothing

Do not stay invisible... In front of your comrades!

Here you can find everything you need to be noticed.. Only when needed!

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  • Tactical vests

    Choose the tactical gear that fits you best!!

    FairSoftair allows you to choose from a wide price range of tactical vests, from the lowcost one to the best gear to wear of a battlefield! 

  • Gloves

    No weapon fulfills its potential without a good grip!

    FairSoftair provides you with an endearing variety of gloves: choose yours now! 

  • Boots

    "Comfort" is the key word!!

    Choose your tactical footwear beetween the ones sorted for you!

  • Helmets

    Keep your head down!!

    FairSoftair cares about the most important source of a soldier: here you'll  find the best quality helmets for airsoft!

  • Kneepads & Elbow pads

    Be smarter than your enemy: protect yourself!

    High quality products that FairSoftair offers you at competitive prices.

  • Backpacks

    A good player can't lack of a proper organization!

    In this section you'll find the backpack that suits your needs between price, design and capacity.

  • Uniforms

    A soldier without a uniform is just a man!

    FairSoftair allows you to choose the uniform that fits you the best between different models and brands. 

  • Masks & Glasses

    Make sure your eyes are safe during the battle!

    Choose high quality masks and glasses between the ones that FairSoftair offers to you.

  • Caps

    Sunlight can obstacle the way to the victory!

    With FairSoftair tactical caps it's no more a hitch: they will protect your view with all the comfort needed. 

  • Belts

    You'd never want to lose your pants during a fight, right?

    Here you'll find the best belts at the best price!

  • Balaclavas

    Don't let the cold weather stop you!

    With our balaclavas you can protect yourself from the cold air and neckshots. Comfortable, multifunctional and useful.

  • Load Bearing

    No idea where to put all your stuff?

    In this section you'll find: Magazine holders, holsters, BB bags, thigh plates, torch holders, radio or phone holders and much, much more!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 2165 items

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Military Clothing


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